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Mjejane Accommodation – Tips you should know before going on a Game Safari

Mjejane Accommodation – Tips you should know before going on a Game Safari

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Once you’ve taken the detour around Nelspruit, you’ve reached the final stretch of the trip to your luxurious Mjejane accommodation. The meandering Crocodile river peers just beyond the horizon and you can almost hear a bull elephant roar in the near distance. When traveling to Mjejane reserve, the thought of a safari experience will consume you with excitement. Sometimes it’s easy to forget you’re entering the wild, which comes with various risks.

For your safety and the promotion of conservation, we’ve compiled this short summary of tips for being a responsible safari visitor at your Mjejane accommodation. Read below and prepare properly for an unforgettable safari getaway.


Always bring plenty of drinking water with you on Safari

This tip shouldn’t even need to be mentioned. Yet, in the excitement to make the early morning call for a game drive, many guests have forgotten to bring the most basic essentials. The area around Mjejane accommodation is hot and dry almost all year round. Once you leave the comfort of your accommodation, there is limited access to water.

Carry a bottle of water with you at all times on safari to avoid possible dehydration in the hot midday sun around Mjejane accommodation. In addition, remember to bring sun cream, a hat, some snacks for energy and an awesome camera.


Never leave your vehicle while driving through an open safari reserve.

It’s one of those signs you cannot miss – “REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES”. However, every now and then, a YouTube video emerges of humans tempting fate by making incredibly reckless excursions close to wild African animals. Not only are Africa’s wild cats carnivorous, but many animals you will encounter at Mjejane accommodation are incredibly territorial and will react if they feel threatened. Exercise caution and remain in the comfort and security of your vehicle.


Respect the environment by keeping the Kruger Park spotless.

Ever heard the term “Take only photographs and leave only footprints”? While the previous tip asserts that you shouldn’t get too comfortable outside while on safari, it serves to reinforce our commitment to respecting and preserving nature while reducing any human impact on the beautiful surroundings of Mjejane accommodation. Don’t leave anything behind that doesn’t belong in the bush – Make sure you take all waste back to your lodge while disposing of any trash in a responsible manner.


Respect an Animal’s instinct at a Game sighting.

Having driven around fruitlessly for some time, it’s easy to get carried away with excitement when getting a glimpse of an amazing animal sighting. For the animal in question, the senses are often reversed. If a wild animal feels threatened or cornered, it is likely to react in a fight or flight manner – neither of which are pleasant! Respect the space of a herd or pack. Give them ample room to pass by vehicles and move along in a manner courteous to both the animal and your fellow safari guests.


Contribute to the Area by buying local handmade gifts and produce

While staying at your Mjejane accommodation and venturing to and from the Kruger Park, it’s not just animal sightings that capture your smile and tug at your heart. The area is equally revered for its fruit and nut plantations, often sold ‘fresh off the tree’ at a roadside padstal. Local artists also produce gifts and artwork inspired by the Kruger National Park. If you’re looking to take home some gifts for friends and family, endeavor to buy direct while avoiding excessive haggling. Small acts of kindness can combine to uplift the communities around Mjejane game reserve and create a sustainable and responsible sector for future generations to enjoy.


Eco Explore Africa

If you are passionate about eco-travel, responsible tourism, and African safari experiences, we highly recommend that you take a further look at Eco Explore Africa as a comprehensive eco travel platform. In anticipation of your upcoming trip to Mjejane accommodation, you can discover how to make the most from your safari experience through the experiences of seasoned conservationists.

RnR is pleased to offer you a selection of luxury self-catering units at Mjejane accommodation for spoiling family and loved ones the ultimate safari getaway. If the bush is calling you, gear up and head over to view our available Mjejane properties and Request a Quote today.



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